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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

DJ Criss Angel's Proper Hardkore Mix Early 90's Vol.2

DJ Criss Angel's Proper Hardkore Mix Early 90's Vol.2
01.Acieed Riddims - Undercover Movement(Diff Mix)
02.London Somting - Code 071
03.Drop the Bass - Undercover Movement
04.Ronnies Revenge - Citadel of Kaos
05.Ruff - New Decade
06.Urbanity - Citadel of Kaos
07.Vicious House - Vicious House
08.True Techno Gangster - Multicore
09.Alright Wit Me - Manix
10.Rave Scene '94 - Hackney Hardcore
11.Let Your Body Go - JJC
12.In the Jungle - DJ KP
13.Jump - Addiction
14.Warning - Undercover Movement
15.Wonderful Experience - Optical Haze
16.Alpha 1 - Citadel of Koas
17.High & Dry - China White
18.Move Your Body - China White
19.Devil Worship - DJ Ivan
20.Hardfloor - Multicore
21.Take Me Higher - Ecology
22.Energy Rush - M.D.EMM
23.In Effect - Mike Slammer & DJ Red Alert
24.Holdtight - Holdtight
25.Twelve Midnight - DJ Force & Evolution
26.Ruff - Mike Slammer & DJ Red Alert(Remix)

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Sundance Festival 1st July 2012

Raindance Put on a proper Festival 100% the sound and light systems were proper. Thanx Richard.

Here's a mix and Track list of the set I played at Sundance. Most Tracks are promo's Whites or test press's
Lucky I kept the old Catalogue Notes..

Sundance Festival Mix:
1st July 2012:

01.Night Sounds (Deep Dance Dub) - Major Malfunction
02.Themes - N.R GEE Possee
03.Feeel the power - Tekno Too
04.Techno symphony - Nexus 21 - Progressive logic EP
05.Psychotropic - HypnosiS(original Mix)
06.Fantasy (Masters of the Universe mix) - Fantasy UFO
07.Big House - Peyote
08.Better Grooves  - Congress
09.Satin Storm - Satin Storm (original Mix)
10.Father forgive them (The trends mix) - Holy noise
11.I Feel You - BlackWood
12.C'mon C'mon (Mental Bass Mix) - Da Juice
13.Trip II The Moon (10 inch version) - Acen
14.Made in 2 minutes - Bug Khan
15.Alter Ego - After Dark
16.Indulge - Neal Howard
17.The Phantom(VIP mix) - Renegade Soundwave
18.Waterfall Criss Angel re-edit - Atlantic Ocean
19.A Groove (Rare) - Instinct
20.Dont Mess With This Beat - Neon
21.Strings Of Love - Phenomania
22.Strings Of Life - White Label(Network)
23.This Is My House - The Hypnotist
24.Feel The Rhythm - Rhythm Section
25.Wicked - Rum & Black
26.Evil Surrounds Us - Wishdokta
27.Sonic Rush - Cosmo & Dibs
28.Inception - D.J. Trace
29.White Label (NUFF1) - Nuff Said
30.Smokin' Chalice - Project One
31.Acieed Rydims (underground anthem mix) - Undercover Movement
32.The Elevator (Up & Down Mix) - The Sorcerer
33.Why - D-Livin