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Sunday, 9 September 2012

Xclusive Remixed Drum n Bass Mix by Criss Angel

WOW!!! Man what a mix!!!  I put together some of my drum & bass Faves!!
Over 2 hour mix really goes to ya head GOOSE PIMPLE Stylee!
The first time I listened to it I was Speeding down the M25 then M23 took me half the time to get there!!!
Anyways for you Drum & Bass Lovers this is one of my best mixes ENJOY. Feed back please.

If you wanna download LINK:

Track list to follow.

Monday, 3 September 2012


Oi Oi I'm proud to be in this event.. checkout the Flier for more info & Tickets..
Or send me a message for tickets etc... Updates a coming October 02 here we come..


Check me spinning at 1pm on Sunday 16th Sep at the UMF: Old Skoolin
Gonna be a big one... Massive!!

For more info:

Raindance & Read the Crowd Presents THEN & NOW!

I'm going home back to south london.. Back to the common. If you remember the days back then in 89 a friend of mine had a red sierra with a 15inch speaker built in the boot playing my mix tapes thats how the party started then casper mate brought a Generator down to the common now thats how to get the party started. I was also doing a show on Center force 88.3. I mentioned I was playing at the common "Road Block" then the MINGRO stopped it..what memories..
Anyway guys check me out on Saturday playing a Old Skool set alongside the mighty Chad Jackson, Dave Mimms & Junior Buzz.
Remember we are gonna get you warmed up b4 the night is through. Add it's Free from 7 til 9pm. C U There!!

Check me at Alchemist Bar at St johns hill Clapham.. Going back to my Roots..
Chad Jackson is the front man with residents me Criss Angel, Dave Mimms & junior Buzz
on rotation.. Starting on Saturday 15th September then Monthly.
Not to be missed Old Skoolin all the way!!!